Soulwork began in 2016 when Aqila Norris a Metaphysical Reverend, Flower Essence Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Dancer committed to living a soul inspired life. She created a space for those that seek transformative  experiences attuning to the soul. Soulwork is a studio that provides personalized rituals that align you with your soul knowing. It is an intimate space that is a home to your truth within. It's about being soul genuine. Using rituals such as flower essences, oracle readings, yoga prayer and metaphysical counseling to create the optimal living environment for your soul's mind , body, and spirit. Soulwork is a place people come to feel connection. Here we ritualize through creating a regular soul practice. We offer private individual therapies, yoga classes and weekly soulwork meetings for metaphysical teachings and development. Let's get ritualistic at soul work.

Our Mission

Soulwork is a self-study studio that explores the mysteries of life, creating rituals that are meaningful, to  honor your own soul's authority. 

About Us

Soulwork provides a space to explore personal soul depths while developing a divine support system. We promote health & wellness for the soul's mind, body, and spirit. Soulwork invites you to come home to the inner work of the soul.  We see Ritual as the practice of being... "you." We use yoga, flower essences, intuitive readings, art, metaphysical ministry and so much more.