Summer Soul_stice, Flowers Essences are a Ritual of Being

June 23, 2017

This is the beginning of a beautiful Summer. It started at citywellbrooklyn spa. Soulworkstudio participated in a collective of wellness businesses, that hosted an evening of rituals, celebrating and honoring the Solstice. The event included yoga, green juices, sauna, Jacuzzi, tarot, body mask and flower essences. Aqila of SWS created a flower blend just for this event called Summer Soul_stice. This blend invites the soul to shine from within and rise to the occasion of Being true to you!


The summer shows us we have reason to shine. This blend is about the summer vibe, illuminating truth in every direction your soul would have you go, with clarity, joy and the support of the divine mother and Luna Goddess . The sun wants to give The moon wants to receive it's through this "69" that balance and refine the cycle of life.... 


During this Soul_stice, New Moon in Cancer  

  • List reasons you shine

  • Name areas in you that are asking your permission to shine

If you are interested in a Summer Soul_stice flower blend you can order one 




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