High five to the Month of July!

July 12, 2017

Give me five! I have a fist full of Grace👊🏽. Let's count. 5 days until my birthday July 16, high five🖐🏼45.

  1. 👍🏽 Thumbs up to Being on summer vacation and planning an event in Saratoga Park 

  2. ☝🏾 I have been pointed in the direction of love,in service to God 

  3. 🖕🏽I am in the middle of substantial growth and transformation, choosing to take a sabbatical, go back to school and nurture my soul with a homegrown self-study studio

  4. 💍 in this year with gratitude for being given more reasons to smile 

  5. 🤙🏾I pinky pledge to commit to living a soul lead life, filled with creativity, connection and clarity

What are you high fiving this July?


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